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Aluminum Riders price increase

You will notice the price on our website for the Aluminum option was increased August 16, 2017 from $2.25 to $5.00 across the board for all 24x6 aluminum riders. We believe our price for high quality aluminum signs delivered in a timely manner is still well below the competition with comparable options.

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Do you have any discounts at this time?

We do not have any discounts at this time. You will find our everyday low pricing and flat rate shipping, along with great quality and service to be very attractive

Revise Design instruction and link

You will need to load the previous design, check to make sure all is correct, Add to Cart and choose quantity and options. Then continue with check out process.

Click this link to start:

Let me know if you need assistance.

Thank you for choosing A Better Sign.

Short messages for chat

Hi. How may I help you?

We can certainly do that for you.

Please hold a bit while I check on that for you.

Feel free to contact us if you need further assistance.

You can Submit Request using the link at top of our site or click here: to fill the form. Be specific of your needs and add any files you want to send.

Text Code rider instructions for those not showing it

To get quanitity discounts for text code riders follow these instructions

(note, this is a pic of the instructions)

I can't scroll down to the Submit (after choosing shipping) fix

This is usually caused by your browser zoom setting being too high. You can set it at a lower setting and it should work.

Set the zoom level in your browser preferences:


Football Helmet Quantity Discount

All signs need to be exactly the same, except the name, number can be different.
1. Design only the first sign exactly like you want it to look.
2. Add to cart and enter the quantity as desired and choose options.
3. Click the Submit button to bring up the Shipping screen. There is a field on the shipping screen “Notes to Staff”. In that field type or paste the list of names.
4. Choose shipping options and pay.

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