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Windows and Glass Decoration

Design and Buy Glass Stickers

Use our online designer to purchase window stickers now or have one of our expert staff members work with you to achieve a professional window decoration. The possiblities are limitless.

Design and buy stickers here

Types of Window and Glass Decoration

Pricing for our custom window stickers depends on many factors, such as size, complexity of design, process choice and installation difficulty. We can only quote on a per project basis once all information has been collected to create your custom window decals.

Vinyl on Glass

Our Vinyl on Glass process involves printing and/or cutting images, lettering, logos etc and adhering to glass. Vinyl on glass is usually installed on the outside of the glass, but in certain circumstances can be installed on the inside. Any color or image combination is possible. Most light colored vinyl and images will allow some outside light to filter through, but visibility through the image is not possible. Whole store front windows can be covered or simply a portion only. This provides great flexibility to design. Combinations of Vinyl on Glass, Feax Stained Glass and Window Perf can be utilized on the same store front for a dramatic presentation.

vinyl on glass image

Window Perf

Window Perf is a specially formulated vinyl to diffuse outside light. The self adhesive vinyl can be printed with any logo, photo or graphic image. The entire surface of the vinyl has small (about 1/6") holes punched uniformly through the material. This allows some light to pass through, but still leaves enough surface to print a strong image. Some loss of intensity of the image will occur. That's the trade-off with this material. The vehicles pictured below have solid vinyl on the vehicle sides., but the rear-side glass windows are treated with the Window Perf. You can see some loss of intensity as compared to the regular vinyl. However, passengers inside the vehicle can still see out the covered windows, almost as if it wasn't there. When this material is used on a business store front glass, those inside the store can see outside as well. People outside the business can see the image on the vinyl, but will not be able to see inside without "peeping" through the holes. We also have great Graduation Signs and Dry Erase Signs here!

window perf image

Static Cling

Static Cling is a process much the same in every description as the Vinyl on Glass. The main difference is the image can be removed easily and used again, as many times as you desire. The vinyl material adheres to the glass without adhesives. Any graphic image, letteing, photo or logo can be used with Static Cling. We also have great Custom Car Decals for all of your advertising needs.

Faux Stained Glass

This process involves many techniques developed exclusively by A Better Sign. Final result is an image printed on clear adhesive backed vinyl which is applied directly to the inside of clear glass or in some instances, tinted glass. The technique allows for custom image design and style to match any decor or architecture. Designs can incorporate company logos and colors.

faux stained glass image