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Gold Peach Realty

gold peach realty logo

Order Gold Peach Realty signs here. Choose one of our real estate sign templates. Order Real Estate Rider Signs here and customize them with any advertisement or information you need. Gold Peach Realty information contact 770-283-1223

Yard Signs - Agent Main Sign

3 Easy Steps
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Four Substrate Choices

All materials are water and UV resistant for longer lasting outdoor use. (Standard) 4mm Corrugated plastic is our standard light weight economical choice for shorter term (max 6 months - no warranties implied). For longer lasting durable signs upgrade to (Good) .060 Duraplast solid styrene plastic, (Better) .040 Aluminum or our (Best) 1/8" RigidBond aluminum bonded to solid plastic.

All signs feature Clear Gloss Lamination as a standard feature.

  • Smooth gloss finish
  • Greater color enhancement

(Standard-Short Term) 4mm Corrugated Plastic.

A fluted light weight plastic primarily intended for temporary signage where economy is paramount. Standard Price
(Short term outdoor use 6 months - no warranties implied)

corrugated plastic coroplast image

(Good) .060 Duraplast

Additional Costs
.060 solid polystyrene plastic. Long term use 2 years or more. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR SUSPENDED HANGING SIGNS such as our Vinyl Arm Post as the plastic may break in windy environments (no warranties implied).

duraplast image

(Better) .040 Aluminum

Additional Costs
Solid .040 aluminum with baked enamel finish. Long term use 2 years or more (no warranties implied).

aluminum image

(Best) 1/8" RigidBond

Additional Costs
Solid plastic core with thin aluminum sheeting bonded to each side with baked white enamel finish. Long term use 2 years or more (no warranties implied).

duraplast image
My Graphic
sign frame guide image

Mouting Styles:

  • My Image

    Nylon Bolt Wing Nut detail

  • My Image

    Realicade Slide In and bolt

  • My Image

    Nylon Bolt Wing Nut

  • My Image

    EZ Coro Stake for Coroplast

  • My Image

    Step Stake for Coroplast

  • My Image

    Snap Hooks are included with Vinyl Arm Post purchase

  • My Image

    Nylon Bolts Wingnuts are included with frame purchase

  • My Image

    Holes & Grommets are option in the cart

gold peach 24x24

24"x24" Main Sign

gold peach 36x24

36"x24" Main Sign

gold peach realty 30x18

30"x18" Main Sign

gold peach realty 24x18

24"x18" Main Sign

gold peach 18x12

18"x12" Main Sign

Vinyl Arm Post image

Vinyl Arm Post Complete Kit

Durable, lightweight and attractive vinyl fence post for hanging real estate type signs. Post measures 4"x4"x61" (incl. cap). Arm measures 3.5x2"x36". Holds signs 24x18, 30x18, 24x24, 24x36. Includes two rider clips for mounting a sign rider on top of the horizontal arm. Arm features various hole spacing mounting locations to hang signs. Signs are easy to mount using the included hooks. Installs in lawns in a matter of minutes. Simply drive the real estate sign post ground stake into the lawn with a hammer and slide the assembled Post Kit over the Ground Stake. Check out how to make your own Custom Yard Sign Online here.

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How much does it cost?

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Included in the box

Vinyl Arm Post parts image

(Sign blank not Included)
1ea Vertical Post
1ea Horizontal Arm
1ea Decorative Post Cap
2ea Arm End Caps
2ea Eye Hooks

2ea Sign Clips
2ea Rider Clamps
2ea Screws
Assembly Screws
1ea Steel Ground Stake

Riders - One Size - One Design

gold peach realty rider 24x10

24"x10" Agent Rider

24"x10" Double Sided RigidBond 1/8" Solid Plastic with bonded aluminum faces. For Hanging below Main Sign 24" and larger in width

Cut Shape Open House

Choose Tabs for Pricing and Options
My Image

How much does it cost?

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4mm Corrugated Plastic

Standard Price
Short term use (max 6 months - no warranties implied)

corrugated plastic coroplast image
gold peach open house 24x18

24"x18" Open House
Cut House Shape

gold peach open house arrow 24x18

24"x18" Open House
Cut Arrow Shape

Presentation Cut Shape House Key

presentation key sign image
  • Fully customizable online using our Online Designer feature. Unlimited colors, clipart, logos, photos, all at the same low prices
  • 2 Cut Shapes (same price): Round & Angled
  • Size approx. 36"x18"
  • Durable DP Foamboard approx 3/16" thick with 18pt poly coated Kraft paper surface. Sturdy panel resists warping. White foam inner core.
The perfect Realtors and Lenders Photo Opportunity prop

Congratulations! You sold a house or found that perfect house for your clients. What better way to promote your success than a photo-op of the happy home owners holding an oversized presentation house key. Or take a photo of your team presenting the oversized key to the new homeowners. Post the photo to your website and social media and feel the excitement as your presentation goes viral!

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ultra dp display board