Make sure to generate your text codes in your Keyboom PRO account!​

Get codes HERE. Keyboom PRO does not support customized text code prefixes.

  1. If the design above looks correct, you are done and can choose "ADD TO CART". If desired you may change colors, size and design to fit your needs, then add to cart. We ONLY need the first sign. Our designers will make all signs look like this with different codes on each sign.
  2. After adding to cart and entering total quantity of signs, you will be prompted to type your list of text-codes. Example Text-Codes: You can type: BOOM101, BOOM102 etc. IMPORTANT: Enter all codes for all designs at one time. Type them in, or copy and paste the entire list from another file. After choosing "PROCEED", Steps 3 and 4 are in cart.
  3. In the cart, change quantity for total riders needed.
  4. In the cart, choose optional items and click Submit Order for shipping and payment. Note: There is a field in Shipping "Notes to Staff" where you can type additional instructions for our staff. Don't sweat the small stuff! If we don't get the codes our designers will contact you.