1. Design one complete rider replacing XXXXXX with the first message code in your set. Or if using web addresses or other info, design the first rider only. You may change colors, size and design to fit your needs. Design ONLY the first sign. Our designers will make all signs look like this with different codes, message or web address on each sign.
  2. When design looks to your satisfaction click "Add to Cart". Steps 3 thr 6 are in cart.
  3. In the cart change quantity for total riders needed.
  4. In the cart choose optional items and click Submit Order for shipping
  5. In the Shipping screen is "Notes to Staff". Type or paste the list of codes, web addresses, phone numbers etc. Or, you can type "Contact me for the list of text for signs"
  6. After filling the shipping screen choose shipping and continue on to payment. Our staff will contact you to get everything to your satifaction.
If you want to reuse signs for new codes, order vinyl number sets instead of XXXXXX:

In step 2 above, type "We are using vinyl codes, leave txt area blank"