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Wall Murals

Certainly we do wall decals and murals. If you have something already designed are going to design, you can submit it here We need the height and width of the area to be covered. Pricing can be calculated here Printed murals are printed in panels. Example: Wall is 9 feet high and 12 feet wide. You could do three panels 9 feet x 4 feet. ie 108x48. With the price calculator in the Pricing tab that would be $264.00. See attached. If you want hi resolution print files from stock images, there are millions available here at only $6.00 each which we will print on your panels. All you need to give us is the ID number. If you want cut out lettering and graphics, that will be quoted based on size, quantity and letter style. We look forward to hearing from you.

Text Personalization Quantity Discount Instruction Grad

You can design ONLY ONE sign here and click the link just above the design that reads “Place this design on another product”. Navigate to Yard Signs product and the design will appear there, exactly like it was on the Grad product. Then you add to cart with the quantity you want, ie 10, 50 or 100 etc. Choose options and Submit to the Shipping screen. In there is Notes to Staff where you can paste the names. Then continue to checkout. We will make all signs exactly the same, except with a different name on each sign.

Reflective Sheeting option verbiage

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the nature of Reflective Sheeting, the white color is a silvery gray color causing printed colors to be different than they would appear on a pure white background. Upon accepting this order buyer agrees to this condition and accepts the colors as printed. Buyer may purchase an actual color printed sample before production is so desired. Cost is $15.00 plus shipping fee.

Message for people who could do on site

There are two methods to get this done. 1. Fastest and cheapest - pick your check template on our site page and add the logos and text you desire. It’s quick and easy. 2. For a fee we can do the process for you using the templates on the site. To get started with this method fill the form at the bottom of the page here Let me know if you need assistance.

2nd notice payment request text

Just a friendly reminder in case you missed our previous email. If you no longer want to complete the order process then do nothing. You are always welcome to continue with the order by paying the amount due.

Login instructions to Saved Designs

We sent some information to you. If you didn't see it, it is probably in your junk/spam mail. We created an account for you on our site and saved a design into Saved Designs. You can use the "Sign In" toward the upper left of our site pages Login: xxxxxxxxxx Password: xxxxxxxxx Once logged in there will be a row of links. Click the Saved Designs and Reimport the design into designer. Make changes if necessary, add to cart, choose options and submit for shipping and payment. The product costs and details are available in the tabs across this page xxxxxxxxx Let me know if you need assistance. Thanks,

Print and Cut Vinyl for Glass

Hello XXXXX, We can certainly make this order to your specifications. You asked for transparent background and to stick on the inside of the glass. That process is called Print and Cut vinyl. This current product is just Printed vinyl with a white background. The cut process is a bit more complicated and we charge an extra fee for the process as it becomes custom work. First, we have a couple of things to discuss. 1. Ninety nine percent of the window vinyl we do is for the outside of the glass. If the vinyl is placed on the inside it becomes harder to read because of the reflections, reading surface being at another depth and lighting issues. Usually, if a customer is specifically requesting inside of glass, it is because of the threat of vandalism or other aesthetic things. If that isn’t the case, we would highly recommend outside of glass installation. Our Print and Cut vinyl is outdoor durable. 2. Ninety nine percent of the window vinyl we do has white or lighter color lettering as predominate. This is because the insides of the building tend to be darker when viewed from outside through glass. When you add the combination of dark lettering, dark building interior and inside of glass install, you have signage that will not be seen or read. We would love to discuss these options with you and feel we can perfectly satisfy your needs. Feel free to call 770-979-8387 and ask for one of our Custom Work Associates and mention your Order ID XXXXX to get started. This email will be in the order notes. If all of this is more than you want to deal with, we are happy to refund the full amount for the order. Let us know. Thank you for choosing A Better Sign.

Production and Shipping info

Greek letters copyright issues

You ordered a sign with the Greek letters. Unfortunately, the owners of the copyright for this type image has previously served our company with a cease and desist order not to use the copyright. They also solicited us for payments if we want to use them and furthermore stated that customers like yourself are not allowed to use them either except through licensed providers. It is not worth our time to explore whether or not the image you have provided is covered by their copyright. We can print the sign without the OA image or refund your payment to the card. Or, you can provide artwork that is acceptable. So sorry for this news. Let us know how to proceed.

FalconFeather replacement Hardware

You ordered the Large FalconFeather Flag without the hardware kit. Apparently you have the hardware kit from your previous old orders. Unfortunately we changed hardware a number of years ago and the new flags do not fit the old hardware. In order to use this new flag you will also need to buy the new hardware also. You will find it on this page in the Replacement Hardware tab (see attached screen shot). The item you need to Buy is the Large: Pole & Spike $42.00 Let me know if you need to cancel and refund instead.

Revise Design or Start New Order

You already have a design order submitted from our Online Design tool. There are two features that may be useful after the order is submitted. 1. Revise Design. This will allow you to open a design and revise it. You can change it any way you desire as long as it hasn't been locked for production. If it is locked, please call us as it may be possible to hold the order for your revisons. 2. Start New Order based on this design. This will allow you to load a previous design into the Online Designer tool and place a completely new order using the design. On your original confirmation email is a text link to Revise Design or Start New Order. After clicking that link a page will open with instructions for both methods.

Dry Erase in place of Wet Erase

In the cart choose the Wet Erase option with marker. In the Shipping screen Notes to Staff type this "I want Dry Erase NOT Wet Erase. I understand I will NOT receive a marker and price will be the same as for the Wet Erase option"

Quantity Discount Instructions

Design ONLY the first sign. Our designers will make all signs look like this with different codes, message or web address on each sign. When design looks to your satisfaction click "Add to Cart". In the cart change quantity for total riders needed. In the cart choose optional items and click Submit Order for shipping .. In the shipping screen is "Notes to Staff" where you can enter or paste all the codes, message or web addresses like this: 1123 1124 1125 or WOW5521 WOW5522 WOW5523 or When done, complete the checkout process

New Customer Discount Code

Hi. After your first order is placed into production, our system will send a welcome email with a 10% discount on any future order

Cancel Order status email

Hi XXXXXX. No need to “cancel” orders unless they are paid. Unpaid orders just remain in the system on hold until they are paid. Our system sends an automated email giving the opportunity to pay if you want to proceed with the order. If at any time you wish to continue with the order, just simply pay it and it will become active. Thank you for considering A Better Sign.

Instruction to Use Templates

Hi XXXXXXX. We have the XXXXXXX sign templates setup on our site that you can customize for no additional charges. You can complete the order process by choosing the “XXXXXXX” button for the 18x24 For Sale sign template here XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Change the text and other info on the template to your desired info. Add to cart, choose options and submit thru to payment. It’s pretty simple and we will be happy to help you along the way by chat or phone. If we place the order for you, we have an additional charge of $25.00. If want us to do so, we will need to get more details from you of the type of materials, frames and options you desire. If you need to discuss further, please give us a call. Thank you for considering A Better Sign.

Duraplast w Grommets to Aluminum

We’ve noticed you ordered Duraplast signs with grommets in top. We have an alert in our system now when this is the case. The reason being that larger Duraplast signs may fail in high wind environments when suspended from above and we have no way to know how these signs are actually being used. The remedy is to choose .040 Aluminum as the substrate. The cost is the same. Or you can upgrade to the more costly Rigidbond material. If this is the case for you, we can switch them out for aluminum at no extra charge. Let me know. Thank you,

Reflective Vinyl add to signs

We don’t have a pricing schedule for all the sizes, but we do have a formula. Find the square inches of your sign. Example 24”x6” Rider: 24x6=144 sq in Double sided is additional $.042 per square inch. 144x.042=$6.00 Single sided is additional $.021 per square inch. 144x.021=$3.00 So get your base price of the sign and add the formulated amount plus any other options such as aluminum, duraplast, grommets etc. Quantity pricing will be slightly lower depending on quantity.

Holes/Grommets in top Corrugated Plastic

We noticed your order is for Corrugated Plastic with Holes or Brass Grommets in the Top Only. This indicates to us that you might be suspending the signs from a post above. If this is the case we try to send a notice to customers that the corrugated plastic is sufficient only for short term use as the light weight and grommets may produce failure in weather conditions. In this case we recommend .040 Aluminum or our 1/8” Rigidbond materials. These are much stronger and longer lasting when suspended from a post. If this is the case and you wish to upgrade the material at an extra charge, reply and let me know and we will make a change order with the details and payment link. If you are satisfied with the order as placed, let me know and we will place it into production right away so there is no delay. If you are not satisfied with either arrangement, let me know and we will gladly refund the full amount. Thank you,

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