Dry Erase in place of Wet Erase

In the cart choose the Wet Erase option with marker. In the Shipping screen Notes to Staff type this "I want Dry Erase NOT Wet Erase. I understand I will NOT receive a marker and price will be the same as for the Wet Erase option"

Quantity Discount Instructions

Design ONLY the first sign. Our designers will make all signs look like this with different codes, message or web address on each sign. When design looks to your satisfaction click "Add to Cart". In the cart change quantity for total riders needed. In the cart choose optional items and click Submit Order for shipping .. In the shipping screen is "Notes to Staff" where you can enter or paste all the codes, message or web addresses like this: 1123 1124 1125 or WOW5521 WOW5522 WOW5523 or www.mysite1.com www.mysite2.com www.mysite3.com When done, complete the checkout process

New Customer Discount Code

Hi. After your first order is placed into production, our system will send a welcome email with a 10% discount on any future order

Cancel Order status email

Hi XXXXXX. No need to “cancel” orders unless they are paid. Unpaid orders just remain in the system on hold until they are paid. Our system sends an automated email giving the opportunity to pay if you want to proceed with the order. If at any time you wish to continue with the order, just simply pay it and it will become active. Thank you for considering A Better Sign.

Instruction to Use Templates

Hi XXXXXXX. We have the XXXXXXX sign templates setup on our site that you can customize for no additional charges. You can complete the order process by choosing the “XXXXXXX” button for the 18x24 For Sale sign template here XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Change the text and other info on the template to your desired info. Add to cart, choose options and submit thru to payment. It’s pretty simple and we will be happy to help you along the way by chat or phone. If we place the order for you, we have an additional charge of $25.00. If want us to do so, we will need to get more details from you of the type of materials, frames and options you desire. If you need to discuss further, please give us a call. Thank you for considering A Better Sign.

Duraplast w Grommets to Aluminum

We’ve noticed you ordered Duraplast signs with grommets in top. We have an alert in our system now when this is the case. The reason being that larger Duraplast signs may fail in high wind environments when suspended from above and we have no way to know how these signs are actually being used. The remedy is to choose .040 Aluminum as the substrate. The cost is the same. Or you can upgrade to the more costly Rigidbond material. If this is the case for you, we can switch them out for aluminum at no extra charge. Let me know. Thank you,

Reflective Vinyl add to signs

We don’t have a pricing schedule for all the sizes, but we do have a formula. Find the square inches of your sign. Example 24”x6” Rider: 24x6=144 sq in Double sided is additional $.042 per square inch. 144x.042=$6.00 Single sided is additional $.021 per square inch. 144x.021=$3.00 So get your base price of the sign and add the formulated amount plus any other options such as aluminum, duraplast, grommets etc. Quantity pricing will be slightly lower depending on quantity.

Holes/Grommets in top Corrugated Plastic

We noticed your order is for Corrugated Plastic with Holes or Brass Grommets in the Top Only. This indicates to us that you might be suspending the signs from a post above. If this is the case we try to send a notice to customers that the corrugated plastic is sufficient only for short term use as the light weight and grommets may produce failure in weather conditions. In this case we recommend .040 Aluminum or our 1/8” Rigidbond materials. These are much stronger and longer lasting when suspended from a post. If this is the case and you wish to upgrade the material at an extra charge, reply and let me know and we will make a change order with the details and payment link. If you are satisfied with the order as placed, let me know and we will place it into production right away so there is no delay. If you are not satisfied with either arrangement, let me know and we will gladly refund the full amount. Thank you,

Business Card refund

We regret to inform you that we no longer produce business cards. All new orders based on old orders are being refunded. However, we are attaching the full resolution ready to print artwork for you to use elsewhere. We recommend our friends at Print Supply. Jay Brooks 678-525-0927 jay@printsupply.info Thank you,

Reflective signs

Yes, we can make signs reflective. It is not an option on our site, but we do it often. The best way to get that done is to submit the order as you would normally, but in the Shipping screen in “Notes to Staff” type a note there about reflective. When you get to the payment screen choose “Pay Later…”. We will calculate the additional charge and change the order for your approval and payment.

Price inquiry instructions Yard Signs or other

Hi XXXXXX. You can easily edit one of our online templates and do that yourself at no additional charges https://abettersign.com/Products/yardsigns. Pricing can be found in the Pricing tab on that page choosing the options you desire. A single sided corrugated plastic sign starts at $XXXXX and double sided starts at $XXXXX. Options such as upgraded materials and frames cost extra. We normally have a setup fee starting about $25 if we do the design for However, I think you will find the online do-it-yourself process very fast and easy. Let me know if you need assistance or want us to do this for you. Thank you for considering A Better Sign.

Bogus Discount Codes


This offer and code was probably found using online search. Sorry to say these offers are usually bogus scams. We do not have a discount like this.

However, after placing your first order, we do send a new customer 10% discount code by email to use for your next order and we occassionally offer discounts through email and advertisement on our site.

Submittal Reply - Do it yourself instead


Thank you for your submittal for signs.

We can certainly do this work for you, but we have a $20 minimum fee to do the setup.

You can very easily do this yourself right on the product page here: XXXXXXXXX

Scroll down the page till you see the XXXXXXX template (see sample attached). Click the Design it Now button to load the template. Change the XXXXX and text with your information, add to cart and checkout.

If you still want us to do it for you, no problem. Just reply back here.

Shipping to Canada

We can ship to Canada, but only as a custom order. You can submit an order and at shipping, enter the shipping details and choose Pickup At A Better Sign. At payment choose Submit Only, Pay Later. We will calculate shipping charges and get an email to you. Or, you can use the Submit Request at top of the site also with a full description of what you want and wait for us to respond with details. Thank you for considering A Better Sign.

Hole Spacing illustrations

Split Back Coro offer

We are pleased you decided to order a XXXXXX from us. However, we do have a problem.
We generally ship sizes up to 24x36 as stated on the product page. Your sign is XXXXXX. The reason for this is the shipping companies charge a lot more for large packages.
We do have a couple of solutions to offer. If you do not want either solution, please let us know and we will cancel the order and refund the full amount back to your credit card.
1. We can print on corrugated plastic and split the back to fold over, essentially cutting the shipping size by half and therefore you keep the $9.95 shipping rate. View this video which demonstrates an oversized check, but the process is the same for your product. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_LvzMDkWjM&feature=youtu.be
2. Pay the extra charge of $56.41 for oversized package UPS Ground. You've paid $9.95 so the balance would be $XXXXXXXXX.
Let me know if either of these options will work for you or you would like to cancel.

Sign In page link


Aluminum Riders price increase

You will notice the price on our website for the Aluminum option was increased August 16, 2017 from $2.25 to $5.00 across the board for all 24x6 aluminum riders. We lowered the quantity pricing 2 months later. We believe our price for high quality aluminum signs delivered in a timely manner is still well below the competition with comparable options.

Shipping and Production details page link


Do you have any discounts at this time?

We do not have any discounts at this time. You will find our everyday low pricing and flat rate shipping, along with great quality and service to be very attractive

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