QR Code Graphic Generator

Use this tool to generate personalized QR Code graphics to place on your designs. Place them on signs, banners, magnets . . . anywhere you want.

Use a smart phone with most popular QR-Code scanning apps to check for accuracy.

  • Enter the Web Address (URL) in the box below after the http:// Example: http://www.abettersign.com

  • Change Colors of the code and the background. Or just leave them at the default black on white. Note: Background color cannot be darker than code itself to work properly with scanners.

  • Click "DOWNLOAD" to save the code in the default download folder on your computer. Graphic file will be named "Code.png". Additional codes will be named "Code-1.png, Code-2.png" etc.

  • To place the QR-Code graphic on your designs when using the Online Designer use the purple "Upload" button to locate and upload the saved file to your clipart library.

qr code upload